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Salt Separation Services have a dedicated Service and Commissioning department who are able to manage and maintain your water treatment equipment to ensure it operates correctly and to prevent downtime and failures. To meet customer demand, we have employed two new Service Engineers in the department.

Lee Redfearn joined the team in late November 2014 and is enjoying his new role of Field Service Engineer. Whilst Matthew Ashworth is our most recent recruit as a Trainee Service Engineer. Our engineers are able to carry out servicing on other manufacturer's equipment as well as our own.

We offer a competitive range of Service Contracts tailored to suit client’s specific needs. We are also able to offer client specific fixed price multi-year contracts to assist in long term planning.

Many of our engineers are holders of the OPITO approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. Furthermore, our engineers have completed CONDO (Contractors on Deployed Operations Course) in support of the Ministry of Defence overseas.

Our engineers have a great deal of experience, having worked on many types of water treatment plant in industries as diverse as offshore oil and gas, power generation, pharmaceutical, marine (military and commercial), semi-conductor manufacturing and food production.

Last month Salt Separation Services carried out our heaviest lifting load test to date, with a weight of 25 Tonne being lifted on our premises! 

The load test was carried out for an offshore snatch lift and was a success.


On Friday 7th November, Salt Separation Services were awarded the title of “Business Of The Year (Turnover more than £5 million)” at the Rochdale Business Awards 2014.

​The award is a testament to all our team, customers and suppliers, without whom this achievement would not have been possible.

Salt Separation Services has recently invested in the latest cutting edge design software. After our design team reviewed several software platforms the decision was made to choose Dassault Systèmes Solidworks. 

The step from a 2D drafting package to 3D modelling enables Salt Separation Services to remain at the forefront of RO Plant design by increasing productivity, improving design efficiency and improving technical documentation to the customer.


A major advantage of the 3D modelling software is the added simulation feature, this enables components to be designed & tested for strength & durability, with a resulting in-depth report of the simulation detailing factors of safety and deflection values amongst other data.

Solidworks will also enable us to provide our customers with a model of their equipment long before manufacture, which enables HAZOP and PUWER reviews to be conducted more easily and clients can integrate our design into their own 3D software.

Total EPFollowing a competitive tendering process, Salt Separation Services were awarded a contract from Total E&P Nederland for a containerised water purification package for installation on the F15-A platform in the Southern North Sea. The contract is worth approximately £1.1 million. 

The F15-A5 well of Total E&P Nederland, produces gas from Volpriehausen sandstone. The peak initial gas production of F15-A5 is 350 kNm3/d. Performance of the well has been reduced by salt deposition. Salt accumulates in the well riser and limits the gas flow. Seawater is to be treated and injected to the well riser to dissolve the salt.

Seawater contains suspended solids, bacteria, dissolved salts and dissolved oxygen, all of which can have an adverse effect on the injection system as well as on the well. Therefore their quantity in the injection water is to be reduced to an acceptable level to prevent any corrosion and plugging.

Due to the fact that the platform is unmanned, the usage of chemicals have been limited as far as possible. As the platform may be permanently unmanned in the future, the unit has been designed to operate automatically

The innovative solution includes:

  • Over sized pre-filtration to improve filtration efficiency and reduce the frequency of disposable filter changes.
  • Two pass RO system with only one high pressure pump to reduce package footprint and weight, whilst also simplifying the process and controls.
  • Recycling of second pass RO concentrate back into first pass RO feed to dilute the influent seawater and increase the net overall recovery.
  • Reduced first pass RO recovery to remove the requirement for antiscalant dosing.
  • RO arrays designed at low flux rates to reduce potential fouling. 
  •  No CIP system – thereby reducing package footprint, weight, complexity and cost. Due to the relatively low number of RO membrane elements (3 x 8” and 3 x 4”) a cost-benefit exercise identified that RO membrane replacement instead of RO membrane cleaning would be the most cost-effective solution.

Production of the containerised water purification system, deaerator column and storage tank has now started and is expected to be completed and delivered later this year.  

The Ministry of Defence has recently awarded a 4 year contract to Salt Separation Services.

The contract, worth approximately £2.3 million, was awarded following a comprehensive pre-qualification and tendering process. 

Under the contract, Salt Separation Services will manufacture, supply and install a Reverse Osmosis plant, which converts seawater into drinking and process water for HM Vanguard Submarines.

The equipment is to replace aging distilling plants which have become difficult to support with many items now obsolescent.


To verify that the plant achieves very stringent noise, vibration and shock requirements, a prototype plant will be produced for type testing.

The company, based in Rochdale, currently provides spares, repairs, management of documentation and 24 hour technical support.

Salt Separation Services have demonstrated their ability and commitment to the Ministry of Defence, having undertaken numerous contracts for Royal Navy vessels.


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